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Into White

  March might have gone out like a lamb, but April has lumbered in like a stunned polar bear—frigid temps, high winds, and snow. More than an aberrant dusting, this nonsense is into its second forty-eight hours, well past April … Continue reading

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Time in a Pita

I haven’t lived in NYC in nearly twelve years, and decide today to use a soon-to-expire train ticket into Grand Central. Other than checking my watch to catch my train, a 3 o’clock coffee date with a friend is the … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Mondays (used to) Always Get me Down

For almost a year, now, Monday has been designated as “Bookkeeping Monday,” so I’m sticking with the plan. Only now I no longer need to stretch this grim and tedious task all the way until the end of banking hours. … Continue reading

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The Simple Plan (in theory)

And so, I jump into this like I do every other project I am enthused about: with high-spirited abandon. What is different is that instead of strict or too many rules, I will be more forgiving and flexible. Still, some … Continue reading

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Working With What I Have

Twelve and a half years into the no longer new millennium finds me bobbing along, wondering where my life preserver is as I barely keep my chin above water. Truth be told, I am getting a little tired of treading. … Continue reading

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