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Clouds, Tadpoles, Rocks

The clouds…oh my. All July they billowed and ballooned, mounds of meringue on steroids, dolloped atop the layer of dense woods of hemlock and cherry and maple that abutt the farm fields surrounding Neil’s barn. Time was suspended–held in aspic, … Continue reading

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Choosing White

I tend to see things in black and white. Perfectionists do that. Yesterday was May 1, May Day, the ideal day for making new promises to myself. I had already begun a 30-day Yoga Journey on April 25,  a perfect … Continue reading

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Back To My Senses

I remember when… I remember zen… While the original intent of this exercise of “an hour at a time” didn’t have the staying power I had hoped for, I don’t consider that a failure. It looked good on paper. And … Continue reading

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September’s Veil

That “back to school” energy I normally experience each September was hijacked eleven years ago, along with two planes that flew into the World Trade Center. As the anniversary approaches, a veil falls and I slow down to a point … Continue reading

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BarnZen Resolve

For an entire month I had next to no internet access, by both choice and geography. Now I am back home, and the siren song of the computer has me doing some serious contemplation. After an initial rush back into … Continue reading

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A Timeless July

Visiting Neil’s barn for the entire month of July was a sketchily planned getaway based on a mid-summer’s fantasy. I had never taken more than two weeks’ vacation and rarely get out of Dodge at all anymore. So it was … Continue reading

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My birthday was exactly one week ago today, and I do look and feel much younger than my chronological age. But self-compliments aside, many of my attempts to reach certain goals by this milestone have failed: not in spectacular crash-and-burns, … Continue reading

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