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Gifting Myself Some Mindfulness

What I wanted more than anything for my 62nd birthday was to become more mindful. Too many screeching tea kettles and pots of scorched rice were testaments that my Gemini-sanctioned multitasking skills were careening out of control. It was time … Continue reading

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Flying By the Seat of My Pants

Until recently, when asked how things were in my life, I’d say (only one quarter in jest): “Oh, you know, circling the drain.” This has been a knee jerk response for several years now, revealing either a very clogged drain, … Continue reading

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Clouds, Tadpoles, Rocks

The clouds…oh my. All July they billowed and ballooned, mounds of meringue on steroids, dolloped atop the layer of dense woods of hemlock and cherry and maple that abutt the farm fields surrounding Neil’s barn. Time was suspended–held in aspic, … Continue reading

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Choosing White

I tend to see things in black and white. Perfectionists do that. Yesterday was May 1, May Day, the ideal day for making new promises to myself. I had already begun a 30-day Yoga Journey on April 25,  a perfect … Continue reading

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Back To My Senses

I remember when… I remember zen… While the original intent of this exercise of “an hour at a time” didn’t have the staying power I had hoped for, I don’t consider that a failure. It looked good on paper. And … Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Feng Shui

I’ve never liked my living room. The bad feng shui that still existed in my fixer-upper had created a vortex in this small, boxy area with an awkward brick flue that once functioned in 1900, but now just took up … Continue reading

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Whack Job

There’s nothing like the rush I get when I dispense with something that’s overstayed its welcome. At this time of year, the feeling is released with a sharp, shiny tool that I control. Snip. My pruner was a gift from … Continue reading

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