About Me

I am a freelance creative, which means I am currently enduring more famine than feasting in my chosen career (illustration). I also do assemblage art and write about my visual creative pursuits, and share these outlets here and here.

A book I have compiled about a FDNY legend who died on 9/11 is Miss You, Pat: Collected Memories of NY’s Bravest of the Brave, Captain Patrick J. Brown. That spawned more writing, some professional, some for me, which I share here

Meanwhile, over the last decade I’ve organically compiled a collection of essays: Back To My Senses, that I hope serves as compost for my continued spiritual growth.

Now I am back to  finishing up a memoir of my life as an art student in NYC in the 1970s: Hell’s Kitchen and Couture Dreams. I hope to soon add it to my Amazon author page here.

In 9th grade I was voted “Most Bashful” and “Most Likely to Succeed” and I am hoping to reconcile the two any day now.

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