I haven’t felt so gutted since 9/11. All I can do is decide not to give any more of my personal serenity away to the distractions that claimed much of this past year—unless it involves a creative outlet or actively organizing to protect the gains we’ve made as a nation “with liberty and justice for all.” Right. So two days after the election, I started with this. One small step.

The Next Day

Choosing lightness over dark

Choosing kindness over snark

Choosing hope and not despair

Choosing quiet, calm, or prayer

Choosing to resume a dream

Choosing to suppress a scream

Choosing to clutch onto grace

Choosing not to self-efface

Choosing to set sights beyond

So what’s been gained won’t soon be gone

Choosing not to ever cave

Forgetting those who suffered, gave

Choosing to remember why

I’m even here, if not to try

Choosing now to go for throat

Of those who pussy-grabbed my vote

I can’t suspend my disbelief

The Orange Cheeto—Con man-In-Chief.



copyright 2016 Sharon Watts



Sharing my art and writing in a loosely gathered way that allows for meandering and taking the scenic route, I try to be mindful, meaningful, but still, at times, playful.
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